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Being appropriate for tracking the products you have is a great way to make more cash.

When you track your products, you can estimate how much you’ll sell in the future, find them quickly for your customers, and reorder before you run out of a product.

One of the best ways to do all that tracking, estimating, and reordering is to use an inventory management system. Well, what that means, what features to be on the lookout for, and what you can accomplish with a good system in place.

Well Looking at Business-Pointers Inventory Management Software, It’s a completely automated inventory management and billing software.

Our Inventory Day Software can benefit you in following ways:

Barcoding: We have the barcode / QR Code / RFID for each item in our systems so having barcode will help us keep a track of all the items that we have in our inventory.

Inventory levels for raw, semi-finished and finished products: We have multiple built-in functionalities, Where you can manage inventory by inventory types raw material, semi-finished, finished goods, packaging materials, consumables, scrap, hazardous or fixed assets

Reporting tools: We have Numerous user-friendly and customizable reports like last sold reports, phase in phase out report, Inventory by storage location/ rack/bin reports, Inventory movement reports within the same warehouse, between storage locations, racks or bins.

Rack and bin tracking systems: You can Prevent Inventory loss via obsolescence or pilferage Lot management and Warehousing Storage Location Management Rack and Bin Management Inventory management analytics and dashboards.

Alerts in inventory: You can also set restocking levels, so you’re never caught without a popular item. For that We have Alerts at every stage of the System, So you can set alerts on various inventory stock levels and subscribe to them, So whenever your stock levels for any popular item goes down you are notified with an email, SMS or popups on the screen so you never run out of stock.

So there you go, With the power of Business-Pointers, No more STOCK-OUT OR OVERSTOCK, You have real-time sales and inventory ratios at your fingertip.

Once you have a list of your required features in place, you can find the system that’s going to work right for you. Business-Pointers, Coneveniently has an Inventory day package with lots more features that will help your business work better in long run.

You can also check out our other Software Packages, which might be a perfect option for companies just starting out or those with some technical knowledge floating around. Find out whatever option works for you, put it in place, and start working smarter.

Kindly allow us to serve your business better.

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