Production Planning and Inventory Control

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Production Planning is a flexible software solution designed to meet all production planning needs. In a live environment, the application can re-optimize the production plan in response to machine breakdowns or unexpected inventory shortages. In a simulation environment, Production Planning allows you to run and compare multiple production plans to find the best solution that balances inventory requirements with actual planned operations. The software also allows you to conduct multiple “what if” scenarios, based on master production scheduling forecasts, to identify and deal with potential production bottlenecks and capacity constraints before they affect production.

The Production Planning ERP software module delivers many bottom-line business benefits including:

Increasing machine and resource utilization

Decreasing overtime and idle time

Eliminating bottlenecks

Lessening repair/maintenance impact

Reducing inventory levels

Improving on-time delivery and customer service

Real-Time Planning

While nearly all other solutions require batch updates to and from their data models in order to function, Production Planning has true, real-time production planning and scheduling capabilities. Production Planning’s memory-resident data model is a seamless extension of BUSINESS-POINTERS ERP’s real-time database, so production planning is always based on a single, up-to-the-minute data set.

As events occur throughout your company – orders entered, work orders completed, inventory received – they are reflected in the BUSINESS-POINTERS ERP database and the production planning data model. This synchronization ensures that the data is an actual reflection of your Production status and not an outdated snapshot.

Accurate Capable-to-Promise

In a business climate of fierce competition and ever-increasing customer expectations, accurate capable-to-promise commitments are a decisive competitive advantage.

The Production Planning production software module enables you to provide your customers with instant, accurate order promise dates – even through the Internet. Simply enter an item number and quantity and Production Planning determines the earliest possible delivery date by considering the availability of required inventory, production capacity, tooling and existing commitments.

Support for both Closed and Open Loop Environments

In manufacturing, shop floor events usually take place too quickly, so production planning becomes independent of execution systems. However, in order to realize cost savings, you must synchronize production planning, scheduling and purchasing with execution. The Production Planning software module supports both closed and open loop environments simultaneously. The application can be tightly coupled with execution systems to provide real-time planning feedback to shop floor events. Revisions may be returned to other BUSINESS-POINTERS ERP material planning solutions so that supply orders may be adjusted to suit the constrained plan. This way, inventory levels can be reached to a minimum and cash flow improved.

Multi-Plant Dependencies

In a multi-plant environment, some factories are dependent on others for suppliers. BUSINESS-POINTERS ERP allows for the definition of cross-plant supplies, including lead times and delivery methods. These critical dependencies are visible through Production Planning, which can instantly re-plan production at a dependent plant based on the changing output of a supplying plant.

Information Visibility

The Production Planning software module improves plant management and decision-making by increasing information visibility. Plant managers can access critical information, such as available capacity for a given time period and loads on individual machines, to identify problem areas quickly and make informed decisions. Managers can run “what if” scenarios to determine the impact of any potential changes or events.

Executing the Plan

Planning does not end with the creation of an optimized production plan; there must be communication to the shop floor for execution. For this reason, the Factory Planning software module has been designed to sit at the heart of the manufacturing execution systems.

Production Planning enables the seamless execution of the production plan by having shop floor terminals interrogate the application for the correct and current work queue at each work center. The operators simply select the correct item from the list, which “starts” the operation. You can also call up data, drawings, work instructions and additional information from the remote terminal.