Human Resource Management System


It maintains Information about an Employee, such as the employee's addresses, role within the organization, as well as personal and financial information. You can keep track of an employee's progress, illnesses, or vacation days, as well as keep a history of the employee's previous employment and education.

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Self Services

Employee Self Service is a web-based application that provides employees with access to their personal records and their payroll details. Career planning, skills profiles, learning, objective settings, appraisals and more and more analytics are increasingly popular ESS applications.

ATS / Recruitment

This modules refer to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a qualified person for a job. Here we have preferred to utilize employer branding strategy and in-house and external recruitments along with the simplified standard process.

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning This will identify and develop internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company. It increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

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Performance Management

This module includes activities that ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Manages employee or system performances. Facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operation goals.

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Travel Management

This module manages a company's strategic approach to travel (travel policy), negotiations with all vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel program, traveler safety & security, credit-card management and T & E data management, As this function touches on all of these areas in some form and represents such a major corporate expense, it stands to reason that this function should have equal ranking within a corporation as any other major division and not be seen as a sub-set of existing departments.

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Time & Attendance

It is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting to minimize loss due to employee downtime. It is a critical process as it ensures that its human resources arrive to work on-time, put in the expected amount of productive working hours, and only leave work at the duly stipulated time.

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Payroll Management

Manages all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. Payroll is crucial because payroll and payroll taxes considerably affect the net income of most companies, and they are subject to laws and regulations.

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Benefit Management

This will help HR professionals analyze how various employee benefits affect employee retention, loyalty and performance, as well as costs to the client for benefits packages. HR benefits management may also include creating and implementing benefits plans for current employees or offering new plans to job candidates. Recruiters need to understand the basics about how employee benefits packages affect employee retention so that they can effectively advocate for the benefits that will keep their new hires working.

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LMS / Training

  • Create, Approve, Schedule and/or Assign Trainings
  • Training can be directly assigned to applicants, employees, contractors or customers
  • All trainings can be viewed on the Training Calendar
  • Both classroom and self - paced trainings can be assigned
  • Trainees can view and begin self based trainings by playing the training through the application or the training portal

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Project HRMS

Projects are generally part of the internal processes of a company. Before you can carry out a project in its entirety, the project goals must be precisely described, and the project activities to be carried out must be structured. This HRMS will be able to control all tasks in project execution and create a clear, unambiguous project structure, which is a basis for successful project planning, monitoring, and control.


Reports are very important in all their various forms and are very useful method for keeping track of important information. Our report library offers over 100 reports. This module provides customized reporting according to your individual needs. Allows you to extract individual reports, view employee reports, manage reports online, and create and define specific reports.

Affordable Care Act - ACA

Affordable Care Act (ACA) or colloquially Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting is the single largest expansion of tax information reporting since the W-2. The ACA has three main objectives:

  • Everyone is required to have health care coverage
  • Those with pre-existing conditions cannot be turned down for coverage
  • Those who cannot afford coverage will receive government-funded financial assistance (tax credits) to pay for their health insurance

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Our Product (HRDay) Suite is the Most Comprehensive HRMS Application in the Global Market with all HR functions you can think of under one roof.

Integrated HRMS/ HRIS basic features found in Business Pointer's HR AUTOMATION application include:

Applicant Tracking System to quickly and easily filter applicants based on skills, experience and GPS location.

E-Recruitment with One click Job Portal posting for Requisitions.

Integrated LMS and ATS for On-boarding training. Track Course Completion Certificate Creation

Audit Readiness Employee Document Management Expiration Reminders.

Integrated Performance management linked with career goals.

Easily manage vacancies with Succession Planning.

Comprehensive Employee Database with Advanced Search capability.

Track Employee Travel and Expenses.

Manage Benefit Plan Details and Open Enrollment.

Employee and Manager Self Service for reducing HR requirements.

Payroll, Time and Attendance Modules to manage employee absenteeism and payroll processing.

Advanced Workflow Approval Processing and Alerts on Action Items.

Email and Calendar Integration.

Comprehensive HRIS reporting and dashboards.

Mobile Accessibility from Ipad, Iphone or Android Devices.

All a Carte Module Purchasing.


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