Food, Beverage and Packaging Industry Software by Business Pointers

The Food, Beverage and Packaging Industry Software by Business Pointers enables streamlining the entire Production to Distribution operations compliant with FDA and GMP guidelines.

Shelf Life Management

This Solution enables the user to manage the Inventory with different valuation methods depending on the Business trends by incorporating the Shelf-Life information with each Product Manufactured. The Shelf life is automatically calculated during Batch Allocation of the Items when the Manufacturing and Expiration dates are defined for the batches.

Shelf Life Management

Food Safety and Quality:

The FDA-GMP compliant Quality control system in ProductionDay Module is a complete package which enables you to check and manage the quality of the product at each production stage.

Quality Test Criteria

Different Product test criteria are defined for different types of Products, Formulations and Raw materials.

Different Parameters are defined for each quality Test Criteria which indicates if the Product meets the specified Quality Parameter defined.

Quality Evaluation Template

Product evaluation templates are created with the Test Criteria for testing at each stage of Production, Testing of Incoming Material and Testing of Outgoing material.

The Products are tested batch wise, Item wise and Sample wise.

Batch Management:

A number of challenges can arise if the products are not managed. For e.g.; Lack of traceability of the products, Mismanagement of the tracking of manufacturing date and expiration date of each product.

The Batches are created with the Batch manufacturing dates and Expiration dates which automatically calculates the remaining shelf life of the batches.

Batch Management

On Receipt of the items into the system, the batches are created with a unique Batch number.

Product Traceability becomes easier. In case of loss of items due to damaged goods, theft or other reasons the system has a provision of Batch loss quantity in the Batch Master which helps to manage the Batch Loss.

Real Time Stock Management

This is a quick and easy way to check the availability of products in your inventory before you place an order.

The search availability results will shortlist and display all related product for your reference. The information provided is an indication of the real time stock availability as it is constantly changing at the point of checking.

It helps you know exactly what stock you have and where it is located and allows you to easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses at multiple locations.

It also gives information on the quantity of committed, ordered and total stock of that item.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management enables user to define Storage location and Storage Sections of the Food Products in the Storage Area of the Warehouse. For example, Cold Storage, Regular Storage, Dry Storage, Frozen Storage etc. The quality of the Product is not affected if proper methods of storage is pre-defined in the system.

Warehouse Management

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