Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Business Pointers's ProjectDAY sofwtare suite Automates Project Planning, Monitoring, and Execution whether it is IT project or Contruction or Engineering Project.
ProjectDAY tracks every penny. ProjectDAY sends alerts when cost, time, and schedule variance thresholds are exceeded.

Automate Monitoring & Execution of Projects ...

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business software

ProjectDAY Project Management System supports analogous project estimation with little to zero manual assistance in establishing plans, Timelines, Costs, Schedule, Quality and enabling Best Practices for project execution/implementation. We help align project goals expertise with stakeholders/client needs by fully integrating with the project management process.

ProjectDAY PMS can help project manager’s work with any Project execution process - Agile or Waterfall. Working closely with project managers and project engineers, our PMS adds the support necessary through the varying project delivery methodology to make your unique project successful from start to finish. Our advantage is two-fold: project automationtion and project planning expertise.

Project Management Softwares:

Project Management gives the overall summary of the project. It allows the user the flexibility of setting the project hierarchy which includes its phases, stages, tasks and activities. It also includes creation of dependencies between tasks and activities in the same project or in different projects. It provides a detailed view of the project including the project estimates in terms of time and cost, the task timeline, resources required, and related documents.

Task Management :

Tasks are assigned by the project manager to every employee. Any issue associated with the task is also delegated to eligible employees. Employees have the ability to view his or her assigned tasks and record their progress.

Time Management:

PMS allows efficient time management by tracking hours utilized at each stage or sub-stage of the project. It generates a detailed report specifying the time utilized in a project; notifying you if it exceeded the scheduled time or if it is on schedule and the cause of any delays.

Resource Management:

Powerful resource allocation helps you to achieve the project's vision. PMS resource management module allows you to view the availability of resources, identifying the resources by talent pool while allocating and also ensuring the optimal utilization of resources. Interactive resource allocation helps manage resources efficiently, preventing resources from being overloaded in order to complete the projects on time.

Project Risk and Issue Management:

PMS helps in identifying the risks associated with projects in order to allow senior management to track the risk level of the project portfolio throughout the lifecycle of the project. It also tracks issues and automatically sets the issue severity based on the importance of the task. It gives complete status reports on issues and provides progress reports that can be used to avoid schedule delays and keep the project on track.

Project Portfolio Management:

PMS allows you to analyze the whole project portfolio in regards to the resources utilized, expenditures incurred, progress reporting, overall budget and time forecasting. It also allows you to assign resources from a talent pool in Business Pointers HRMS based on the importance and specific requirements of a project. It helps to analyze and identify how projects are performing in relation to the company's performance and financial goals.

Project Financials :

The financials of the project is dependent on the financial and accounting module. It includes project invoices, resource costs, project budgets and expense management. Project budgeting is done to identify the types of expenses that may occur throughout the project. These expenses may be the cost of procuring materials, manpower, resources utilized, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Communication Management :

Communication management gives the user the ability to post messages on any tasks or activities related to a project. A new discussion can be started pertaining to any part of the project to ask questions and find solutions to issues.

Reports :

Reports give a clear and detailed view of the data. Customized reports can be generated by the user. It includes a variety of reports like project summary report, project status report, project timesheet report, resource allocation and tracking report, and expense report.

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